Case Study - Niagara County


Cost Conscious Safety Tailored to A County’s Needs
Global Annual Transportation Management Services

Point of Contact
Bid Specification Formulation
Passenger Attendance Tracking
Transporter Invoice Reconciliation
Electronic Vehicle Routing
Quality Assurance

Niagara County asked VMC’s Transportation Management divisions to oversee its transportation program for preschool and Early Intervention children with disabilities so as to provide the children with safe and certain transportation—while at all times recognizing the county’s need for cost efficiencies. Within this parameter, VMC designed the program’s operational control to:
• Reduce costs
• Eliminate prospective cost increases
• Reduce exposure to lawsuits
• Increase good will through positive public relations

The preschool services provided to Niagara County’s children emanate from locations scattered over the length and breadth of the county. Providing effective transportation for these children requires the coordination of all three of VMC’s divisions: The Advance Transportation Solutions division modified its preTran transportation software to meet specific program and recordkeeping needs. It modified the electronic map of the County and its environs for current addresses, street speed limits and travel restrictions, and modified the student information and attendance modules so as to capture and analyze needed information in a forma and format that meets the county’s needs. The Value Management Consultants division worked with county officials and program staff to analyze their program and data requirements and to design specific solutions. The Transportation Management division, drafted bid specifications, wrote a Parent Handbook, and among its many daily management tasks as the county’s Preschool Program Point of Contact, VMC’s Niagara County Program staff works with the transporters, schools, parents and county staff on an ongoing basis to establish safe and cost effective routes, and reconciles the transporters invoices and certifies them for the county.
Spanning this process is a series of policies and procedures designed and customized by VMC’s Value Management Consultants division. Each is a distinctly structured whole, specifically tailored to Niagara’s unique landscape and constantly evolving requirements. These policies and procedures are the link in the necessary partnership between Niagara County, the school districts, the provider programs and the parents or guardians of the children.